Parents Beware of It’s Your Game Sex Ed Curriculum

By Jennifer Fleck, Houston parent,
attorney and advocate for students

It’s Your Game (IYG) is a sex education curriculum implemented in at least 14 Texas school districts, mostly in the Houston area. IYG was developed by the University of
Texas Prevention Research Center with feedback and funding from Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast. The affiliation is carefully documented and can be viewed at IYG is primarily implemented in the 7th and 8th grade, but is taught as early as 6th grade in a few districts. IYG reiterates in almost every lesson of
Level 1 that the student’s life is a game and that the student is the most important person in his/her game. It reminds me of Frank Peretti’s book, Piercing the Darkness,
in which the main character narrates the following: “I was taught I was the ultimate authority in my life, the final arbiter of all truth, the only decider of my values, and that no prior traditions, notions about God, or value systems had any authority over my will, my spirit, my behavior. ‘Maximum autonomy,’ they called it. Such ideas can be very inviting.
“…maximum autonomy wasn’t the great liberation and joy I thought it would be. I felt like a kid let loose to play in an indefinitely huge yard–I started to wish there was a fence
somewhere. At least then I would know where I was.”
Do you think Trent Mays and Ma’Lik Richmond know where they are today? [The two Steubenville, Ohio, high school football players were recently convicted of raping an intoxicated 16-year old girl at a party and sending photos of the rape via social media.] The group has been described as just teens being teens, sleeping wherever with whomever — a present day example of a teenage culture of weak ethics in which these two teens and many of their friends admittedly were allowed the freedoms of young adults, yet lacked the maturity to handle that freedom. Social media accounts of the night expose an entire world that seems like a Hollywood script of a high school team out of control.
Unfortunately, I am not surprised and I am sure many of you aren’t either. IYG sets students up for failure, as would we all if we let teens make their own rules and made light of
serious life decisions. With comprehensive sex education curriculums like IYG that profess to teach life skills, goal setting and enrich the students’ lives, you can also expect to
see the following: games, casual sex scenarios, and cartoon videos, such as the “Condom Platoon.”  The developers of IYG attempt to be relevant, but the result is age-inappropriate, offensive, graphic, and demeaning. IYG removes all prohibitions by normalizing perverted sexual conversation, and, in effect, has students practice verbal foreplay.
The curriculum uses derogatory and offensive terms, such as “ho,” “slut,” “p— me off,” “lame,” “idiot,” and “Oh my God!” A “Truth or Dare” script performed by students states,
“They were making out and he started feeling on her, you know, ‘down there.’ And then she started to feel on him, too.” In one video, a boy and girl are making out on his bed and
he suggests they have sex. He does not have a condom, but tells the girl she can please him in other ways. Later in the lesson the students are asked about the consequences of
“oral sex.” She contracts Herpes from this sexual encounter; but, after they talk about it, “she loves and trusts him more, they are in a better place, and really care for each other.”
Three kinds of sex are explicitly defined and presented as equal. A video describes “anal” sex between partners; another demonstrates condom use. An online lesson shows graphic drawings of how to use a condom and then tells students to put the drawings in order from start to finish. The “Condom Platoon” video explains things that can go wrong with condom use and discusses condoms that are “ribbed,” “ultra sheer,” and “show-offs like the glow-in-the-dark.”
IYG undermines parents and the professional community with demeaning descriptions. Fathers are described as “flicking the remote control, snoring on the couch, and phasing out while mom shares her feelings.” Students are told that counselors provide “touchy feely self inquiry (with mandated psychobabble) that puts you in touch with your child within,” and pastors are seen “rapping with ‘The Man’.” It’s very comprehensive, if you think life and sex are a game. School boards are adopting IYG unanimously, mainly
because it’s being paid for with grant money derived from our tax dollars. Destruction for free.

WHAT YOU CAN DO: To learn more about It’s Your Game, visit or Find out what your school district is teaching and get
involved with your district Student Health Advisory Council (SHAC). Contact your state representative and state senator to support SB 521 and HB 1057, which prohibits abortion
providers and their affiliates from providing sex education in public schools.

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Planned Parenthood Redefines Abstinence for Kids Sex Education

March 29, 2013 10:25 AM EDT

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Planned Parenthood has been in the news recently for receiving $350 million dollars of federal funding for sexual education programs starting in Kindergarten. The program redefines abstinence as engaging in sexual activities that does not result in pregnancy.

Planned Parenthoods Creepy and Violent CartoonPaul E. Rondeau from the Washington Times Communities writes that the abortion provider says that “abstinence…means choosing not to do any sexual activity that carries a risk for pregnancy or STD/HIV,” which is clearly stated in one of their sample lesson plans. The plan also includes an activity to teach kids how to avoid pregnancy. It advises the teacher “Explain that for purposes of this activity we will make believe that everyone in the class is having unprotected sex each month, although we know that most young people their age are not having sex.” This is just bizarre.

PP is not known for being a fan of abstinence (as it is defined for the rest of the world), as they state clearly on their website that “Abstinence-only programs often promote alarmist misinformation about sexual health and force-feed students religious ideology that condemns homosexuality, masturbation, abortion, and contraception. In doing so, they endanger students’ sexual health.” Planned Parenthood simply works around their hatred of teaching children to abstain from sex by redefining “abstinence” entirely.

The abortion provider has always had a disdain for teaching abstinence to children, as is illustrated in the video below, produced by a PP in San Francisco, which shows an evil man telling kids (around the 1:30 minute mark) “As I was saying, kids, the only way to avoid pregnancy is to practice abstinence.” He was destroyed by the “choice” superhero in this disturbing cartoon.

ObamaCare funding awarded to states mandates that states “educate adolescents and young adults on both abstinence and contraception for the prevention of pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.” Consider that “abstinence” does not necessarily mean “abstinence”.

Parents may want to pay attention to what their kids are being taught in school. Taxpayers may want to pay attention to where their hard-earned money is going.

Image Source: TheBlaze

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