Carroll ISD’s Experiment with Big Decisions

Katherine Bennett, from Carroll ISD SHAC, testified AGAINST HB 1057 on Tuesday, 4/2/2103.  (Video: 10:16:38)  HB 1057 would ban abortion providers and their affiliates from sex education instruction or materials in Texas public schools.

She explained the Carroll ISD choice to use  Big Decisions for their Human Sexuality Curriculum.  After she testified, she was asked if the curriculum that they were using was affiliated with an abortion provider.  Her answer was ‘I have no idea’.  Why did she drive down from Southlake and wait over ten hours to testify against a bill that prohibits abortion providers and affiliates from schools?

Carroll ISD’s Health webpage has a Presentation that was given to the Parents and a Parent Letter.  On page 12 of the Parent Presentation, Abstinence, Oral, and Condom Use are listed as Contraception.


Big Decisions is the same curriculum for every age group.  The Texas Education Code requires the SHAC to recommend ‘appropriate grade levels and methods of instruction for human sexuality instruction.’
Big Decisions was written by Dr. Janet Realini and is available for free online.  Dr. Realini, the President of Healthy Futures Texas,  testified AGAINST Senate 521 and argued specifically against the Opt-In portion of the bill.
She registered to testify AGAINST House Bill 1057 but was not available when her name was called.  The committee did not hear testimony on this bill until after 11pm.  Representative Leach introduced the bill without the Opt-In.  It is unclear as to whether Dr. Realini left at that time or earlier.
Healthy Futures Texas is ‘dedicated to reducing teen pregnancy and unplanned pregnancy in San Antonio and Texas’ with very little mention of STD prevention.  The R U Ready cards posted on the Programs page list four clinics.  Two of them are Planned Parenthood centers, Las Palmas and Ashby.