Planned Parenthood Proof

Here is proof of the Planned Parenthood and University of Texas “Affiliation”.

Still believe that Planned Parenthood and the University of Texas Prevention Research Center aren’t “AFFILIATED”???

PP UTPRC Connection

#1 Jessy Uriarte writes an article to promote the joint efforts of Planned Parenthood and the University of Texas Prevention Research Center.  Notice she states that she works for BOTH Planned Parenthood AND the University of Texas Center for Prevention Research (or UTPRC).

#2 Jessy works in collaboration with Planned Parenthood AND UTCFPR OR UTPRC. Collaboration is defined as “a working together: the act of working together with one or more people in order to achieve something.” Synonyms include: cooperation, teamwork, partnership, association, alliance, relationship…

#3 Planned Parenthood AND UTPRC are advancing “comprehensive sex ed” which violates Texas Education Code 28.004.

#4 “It’s Your Game” Comprehensive Sex Ed program was taught to high school students in the practicum but targets middle schoolers with inappropriate language, provocative dress, embarrassing skits, mature themes with drug & alcohol references.

#5 “It’s Your Game. Keep It Real” sex ed program created by UTPRC Dr. Susan Tortolero, et. Al. is affiliated with Planned Parenthood.

#6 Again, the affiliation is clearly stated.

#7 Planned Parenthood condoms have had the worst efficacy rate per a Consumer Reports condom study*.Planned Parenthood benefits monetarily from teaching sex ed and getting sexually active students to become customers. *



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