An Open Letter from a 7th Grade Parent

September 30, 2012

This is an open letter from a 7th Grade parent,

Now flee from youthful lusts and pursue righteousness, faith, love, and peace, with those who call on the Lord from a pure heart. 2 Timothy 2:22

A still and quiet voice fills my heart tonight as I ponder what we 7thgrade parents are fighting for, first of all maybe you don’t even know about this issue about the new sex education program that Cy-Fair will teach our 7th graders this year, a program that I consider very concerning and highly inappropriate for all children. Many of you are my friends, teachers, acquaintances, sisters in Christ, Brothers in Christ, CTR Family, Swim team family, neighbors, etc. friends I pour our my concerns to you and I ask for your prayers and I write to you to alert you to simply be aware, be involved in your children’s education, they deserve more than what society is giving them. Our precious children full of love, life and yes at 12 and 13 curiosity, hormones, etc.  I’m certain that all parents will not agree with me on everything and I respect each parent’s role and decision in how you raise you children. To the many parents who do not know about this new material, it is highly immoral. I will be brazen here, who wants to see their sweet and innocent daughter or son exposed to the immorality of sexual education that says safe sex is ok, and here are the three kinds (oral, anal and vaginal). When I first heard this yes, I could barely get the words out, yes parents it makes us a bit sick to our stomachs to talk about this but this is what they will learn and they will also learn that if you have multiple partners you have to go to a clinic to get checked annually. Parents please I beg you not to be blind to the innocence of your children, yes, I have been told but many that it’s a reality that kids are having sex at this age. What child chooses this at this age? We must not tell them that it’s ok; someone must speak out and comfort them, answer their questions and let them know the plan God has for them. Not plans to lose all innocence and purity and certainly not plan to allow the authority in their lives our schools, their teachers who they spend all day with to say this is ok and it’s a game. I’ve spoken to teacher friends and many moms involved in the schools, many are fearful and they don’t want to jeopardize their jobs or positions in school by going against this initiative which is being forced upon us. We moms have the final Word; this is not correct, righteous or fair to these teachers. This is true, we do not have a choice, and the district was quite clear that we have no choice, the only choice is to opt them out but the program goes on.  My eyes fill with tears and my heart has no words, where was I, did the notice come home and I missed it, why did I not pay better attention to this issue, is this my fault and now it’s too late!  Where was I when a few I’m sure very hard working volunteer moms selected this new program that completely changes the information they will learns and the way they will learn it. When they decided that all kids boys and girls will learn this together in the same room and role play, not to mention my concerns as why this program that is the only one that is so negative and as I’ve been told comes with strings attached of grant money for the schools from organizations whose aim is sex education and the selling of contraceptives and other services.  I would have stood up and said something. Did you know that in NY City a teacher can take a child as young as 12 and 13 to have an abortion without the parent’s consent, can you imagine the emotional state of that child and those parents when the truth, which always prevails comes out. We cannot sit back and be mandated like this. These are OUR children. We deserve a say and we were not given one. The few brave parents at the meeting who dared to speak up were quickly dismissed.  Teachers signed contracts without knowledge of this material, some don’t agree, was this fair? In the past kids whose parents opted them out where given alternative programs or work, now this is not the case either, no choice here. Please parents, community, please be courageous step up, don’t be affair to speak out, to at least do your due diligence your child and all of our children deserve this.  We must all step up and protect our children. In the eyes of the school they do not see them like we parents do, we gave them life, we nurtured them, we love them, we dry their tears, we push them to be the best they can be. This is not the best for them; this is not the best we can do. I know we are busy, we have work, we are stressed, and these forms come home we sign them and then is too late…………they are now victims of a system that decided for you that they are ready to be exposed to graphic images, immoral situations, role playing that portrays sexual encounter opportunities. Yes, we need to talk to them and maybe you will and what they see at school these images won’t give them ideas, won’t interest them more, won’t seep deep into their hearts and minds these nasty and immoral ideas that safe sex is ok. Maybe it won’t but can you take that chance, why should we take that chance with our kids. Why?

We are our brothers keepers, my children go to school with your children, I cannot keep them from this interaction what I can do is pray and hope that schools and our District might come to its senses and realize that one size does not fit all. Images are created to have a lasting impact, I have always taught my kids the Sanctity and sacredness and intimacy of sex, created by God for marriage for procreation, and it is so intimate that God himself is present and life can be created. My heart is crushed at the idea of our youth no longer having hope and the gift that is purity, because these educators and health care practitioners are ready to fill their minds with images that educate on sex so they can become consumers of contraception and hopefully not but also mothers who choose to kill and abort their babies.  This is harsh but open our eyes this is also TRUTH. Please please pray, I debated if I should send this, if maybe this was just a letter the Lord was moving me to write to myself and share with him, but after prayer I realized that I too have to be brave and share with you all my heart and my sadness, disappointment and truthful pain to know so few parents, mothers, fathers, grandmothers, families are doing anything to stop this; many don’t know, many don’t have the time, many don’t like this subject and many are simply blind or scared. Our children deserve better. Please pray, open your hearts and if you can help spread the word to others about this program your reward will be great in heaven, coincidence or not this is from the Gospel reading from Mark for today: Mark 9:42


“Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him if a great millstone were hung round his neck and he were thrown into the sea.

Many, many better alternatives exists for sexual education and I know some people working on a few like Theology of the Body for Teens, we just got the worst one. To those involved in this selection, I’m sorry for my words if they cut deep, I know you are doing the best you think for most children, but not all our children deserve this, we would have liked to have been asked, to have options and to allow us to voice our concerns, we did not get this.

 For this is the Will of God, your sanctification; that is, that you abstain from sexual immorality                           1 Thessalonians 4:3

Prayerfully yours, Mayte