Please SUPPORT Texas House Bill HB1057

Keep abortion providers out of schools

Background: Planned Parenthood is the nation’s largest abortion provider, and it claims to be the nation’s largest sex education provider[1]. It is “working with state and federal governments to ensure access to sex education programs.” Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast provides training for education regional services centers[2].Two Planned Parenthood affiliates in Texas were selected to receive federal funds for teen pregnancy prevention[3]

Planned Parenthood:

  • Facilitates sex with children by providing them condoms and birth control as the number one supplier in the United States[4].
  • Profits financially from abortions and is the largest abortion provider[5].
  • Presents sex as “normal” for very young children and has failed to report some crimes of rape, incest and forced sex[6].
  • Helps a minor get an abortion without parental knowledge/consent (judicial bypass) and seeks the removal of parental involvement/consent laws; and promotes “sexual rights for children of all ages”[7].
  • Encourages children to use “outercourse” as a method of birth control and as “safer sex”[8], including masturbation[9].
  • Advances using sex toys as “safer sex” [10].
  • Benefits from access to youth in public schools by being presented as experts, information resources; and as health care for adolescents (future customers); and by having school-based health centers Planned Parenthood is unique in its unfettered access to our children[11]
  • Does NOT SUPPORT the standard of abstinence in Texas law and says that effective abstinence programs are “fear and shame based[12].

Contact your House Representatives here and tell them you are in FAVOR of HB1057 for the reason above:

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