Round Rock ISD Current Human Sexuality Curriculum

Round Rock ISD is doing great things in many areas.  It is not a perfect district and we want to encourage constructive feedback to make improvements.  The overall philosophy of the Human Sexuality Curriculum at RRISD is actually very sound.  The implementation and communication of that philosophy could be improved.

At the Middle School level, Wellness and Sexual Health is taught in PE and Science classes at the school’s discretion.  It is meant to be a 10 day program that covers overall Health.  Some teachers/coaches present it in 4 days and only cover Human Sexuality.  The Curriculum that is used is Scott & White’s Worth the Wait (now called Wellness and Sexual Health).  It is a train the trainer implementation.  In other words, the district employees are trained on the material and they present the material.  Parent Forums are conducted by Scott & White.  This program as it is implemented in RRISD is Abstinence Only (at the Middle School level only).  It is our understanding that the lessons do not include Contraception at this age level.

At the High School level, RRISD students take a .5 Credit/1 Semester class of Health.  In that Health class, they receive presentations by Austin LifeCare’s organization called LifeGuard.  The presentations cover Human Sexuality including Contraception and it is considered an Abstinence Plus curriculum.  Students that take the .5 Credit Health class in Middle School at Cedar Valley, Chisholm Trail, and Walsh Ranch receive the LifeGuard presentation in the age appropriate form of the 8th grade unit including the Contraception unit.

We hope that this clears up some of the confusion and rumors.  We hope to help create better communication from the district and improve the implementation of both programs throughout the district.

SHAC Meetings are open to the public.  Attend and provide feedback!